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America’s Commercial Real Estate Show Celebrates 7 Years

America's Commercial Real Estate Show celebrates 7 yearsOctober marks the seven-year anniversary of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show. Since October 2010, America's Commercial Real Estate Show has aired 364 shows with over 1,000 guests. What started as a way for a broker in Atlanta to help local commercial real estate owners and occupiers, has turned into a national show heard by over 100,000 people every month. Host Michael Bull was asked to do a call-in show to answer questions to help callers with commercial real estate issues. But when Salem Media notified him that because of renovations the show would have to be taped, it turned into a show of interest to people all over the country.

"The show has fans from New York to San Francisco, partly because I was forced to tape it," said host Michael Bull, a commercial broker with 30 years and $5 billion in transaction experience. "Instead of taking calls from whomever might call in, I plan the discussions and guests in advance. We cover subjects valuable to anyone with an interest in commercial real estate regardless of where you live."

A new show airs every week on YouTube, iTunes and the show website, "At one time the show was on 60 radio stations, but due to the growing popularity of on-demand podcasts, the show is currently only available online," said Bull. It was a strategic decision to move away from radio stations to give listeners the option to pick the current show or their favorite show topic and listen on their schedule.

The show covers a new topic each week. Some current topics include the new Wellness Certification and the impact of tax reform on property values. Guests include leading national economists and analysts who share their outlook on the market. "While most the listeners are experienced in commercial real estate, the audience is expanding now that anyone can invest small amounts of money in large deals through crowdfunding."

The show is produced in Atlanta by AKB Media Partners in an impressive TV style studio known as “Studio One” with three cameras, studio lighting, professional equipment and a full-time staff. "Our goal each week is to provide valuable and actionable content very quickly. We get to information to help listeners right away," said host Michael Bull, CCIM.

AKB Media Partners also produces and hosts Atlanta’s Commercial Real Estate Show (, which provides market intelligence, analysis, forecasts, advice, and opportunities specific to Atlanta for business leaders and property owners.