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Holiday Inn & Quality Inn - Suburban Extended Stay Baton Rouge | 314-Key Portfolio
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Nashville MSA Class A Suburban Office Buildings | 7.25% Cap Rate
Kennesaw | Suburban Atlanta Office Building | 51,152 SF
Applebee's Net Lease Investment Opportunity | 6.5% Cap Rate
SOLD | West Palm Beach, FL- Government Leased Office Building
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Snow Street Village | 10-Unit Retail Center | 8.5% Cap Rate
SOLD | Crystal Lake | 235 Units on 50 Acres
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SOLD | Peachtree Corners Shopping Center
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  • Senior Housing Update
  • Single Tenant Net Lease Performance Today
  • Single Tenant Net Lease Tips & Strategies
  • The Benefits and Value Drivers of a Sale-Leaseback

    Many business leaders are looking at the current economy and market conditions and realizing that this is a good time to consider a sale-leaseback transaction. While companies do sale-leasebacks in all types of market conditions, the current high dem…

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  • Selling Hotels 2020
  • Medical Office Building Cap Rates
  • I Need Office Space Within 3 Months, What Should I Do?

    Needing office space within 90 days is like your basketball team being behind with 90 seconds left in the game. You can still achieve your goal, but you need a proven game plan, a strong team effort and a full court press. The normal time for a need’…

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  • Pros and Cons of a Sublease

    Tenants who find they have excess space may sublease to your firm. A sublease can provide benefits including cost and timing. A sublease can also have detriments, one of which could be catastrophic. Benefits Potential under market rent. The ori…

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  • $7.3 Million Medical Office Building Sold in Atlanta MSA

    Paul Zeman The Healthcare Real Estate Services Group at Bull Realty brokered the sale of a Piedmont Healthcare Medical Center, an approximately 15,000 SF medical office building located in Loganville, GA. The sale closed on September 4, 2018 for …

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