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SOLD | Peachtree Corners Shopping Center
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SOLD | Zaxby's Net Lease Investment Opportunity
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SOLD | Nashville MSA Office Portfolio
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New Stabilized Class “A” Multifamily Opportunity
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Brown Estate Townhomes | 28 Units | 100% Occupancy | 6% Cap Rate
Mission Critical State Government Leased Single Tenant Office Investment | 6.6% Cap Rate | Jackson, Mississippi
SOLD | Congress Center North | 100% Occupied West Palm Beach Office Building
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Independent Living Facility | Spring House at Lithia Springs | 86 Units
SOLD | 36,500 SF Office Building | Miami, Florida
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Bull Realty is a commercial real estate sales, leasing and advisory firm licensed in nine states headquartered in Atlanta. The firm was founded in 1998 by Michael Bull on two primary missions: to provide a company of advisors known for integrity, and to provide the best disposition marketing in the nation. While best known for success selling commercial properties, apartments and land, the firm offers a wide range of services:

  • Dispositions
  • Acquisitions
  • Project Leasing
  • Tenant Representation
  • 1031 Exchanges
  • Consulting
  • Note Sales
  • Brokers Opinion of Value
  • Special Assets & REO Services

To add value for clients advisors focus on specific property types including office, retail, industrial, multifamily, land, healthcare, senior housing, self-storage, hospitality and single tenant net lease sectors.

The firm is also known for producing the nation’s leading show on commercial real estate topics. Every week since 2010 economists, analysts and industry leaders including firm founder Michael Bull share market intel, forecasts and strategies. America’s Commercial Real Estate Show once on 60 radio stations around the country, is now available on your schedule wherever you get your podcasts or on the show website


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  • Why buy real estate over other investments offering similar cash on cash returns?

  • Office Strategies for 2021

  • Congress Center North | 100% Occupied West Palm Beach Office Building


  • The Origin of America’s Commercial Real Estate Show

    The original plan in 2010 was a call-in show at 10am on Saturdays on one radio station in Atlanta. Michael Bull was going to take calls and answer multifamily and commercial real estate questions. However, a month before the first show, Salem Media c…

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  • The Benefits and Value Drivers of a Sale-Leaseback

    Many business leaders are looking at the current economy and market conditions and realizing that this is a good time to consider a sale-leaseback transaction. While companies do sale-leasebacks in all types of market conditions, the current high dem…

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  • I Need Office Space Within 3 Months, What Should I Do?

    Needing office space within 90 days is like your basketball team being behind with 90 seconds left in the game. You can still achieve your goal, but you need a proven game plan, a strong team effort and a full court press. The normal time for a need’…

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  • Pros and Cons of a Sublease

    Tenants who find they have excess space may sublease to your firm. A sublease can provide benefits including cost and timing. A sublease can also have detriments, one of which could be catastrophic. Benefits Potential under market rent. The ori…

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  • Financial Benefits of WELL Certification for Your Real Estate

    Scott Muldavin, President at The Muldavin Company, and 2017 Chair of the Counselors of Real Estate, recently joined host Michael Bull on America's Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the importance of wellness for your space, the seven concepts of th…

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  • 1031 Exchange Benefits & Best Practices

    The increased returns from a 1031 exchange can be substantial. For a small price range example, if you sold a property for $1,500,000 without doing a 1031 exchange, paid off a $500,000 loan and the taxes due are only $150,000, you will have $850,000 to …

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  • Important Flexible Lease Clauses for Your Business

    On a recent episode of The Commercial Real Estate Show, I discussed “How Real Estate Decisions Impact Your Business.” If you own, operate or lead a company, there are certain real estate strategies that will add considerable value to your business. A…

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  • Tenants: Don’t Leave That Lease in a Drawer

    If you’re an office tenant, you’ve come to the right place. Recently, on The Commercial Real Estate Show, I spoke with experts on navigating office leases from a tenant perspective: tenant services expert Bob Chodos, SIOR, Vice Chairmen at Newmark Grubb…

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