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Whether you are looking to sell or buy, Bull Realty works closely with over 100 lenders and servicers selling foreclosed commercial properties around the nation.

REO Marketing for Lenders:

In this cyclical business, the laws of supply and demand are always affecting asset value. Special servicers and asset managers are charged with moving assets while maximizing value. Selling assets to a small audience of direct contacts or utilizing old-school marketing models diminishes asset value in this cycle.

Lenders have found that if you can adjust supply and demand to your benefit, you can better maximize asset value. Bull Realty's proven Real National Marketing is the ultimate source to maximize value. You're invited to contact Bull Realty for a presentation and recent examples how the firm is producing astonishing results, no matter what stage of the cycle we are in.

Acquisition Services:

Armed with your investment criteria, foreclosed, off-market, lender-owned, short sale and other distressed purchase opportunities are available. Contact us directly with your criteria. Many lenders are offering excellent foreclosed apartments, land and commercial properties.

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