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  • Retail Transforming with the Times

    “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished,” said Ben Franklin. Certainly, he wasn’t referring to retail real estate today, but the famous quote seems to apply. The consensus among the informed is that there is no retail apocalypse, despite alarmist…

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  • Retail Sector - A Brokers View

  • Retail Recap 2017 - The Balancing Act

    The reality of retail may be more stable than it seems. Recently, on America’s Commercial Real Estate Show, REIS economist Barbara Denham, said their numbers actually defy what the media has been saying about retail. While the national vacancy rate is…

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  • Your 2017 Holiday Shopping Forecast

    Michael Bull, CCIM

    If Black Friday is any indication, consumers are out and about and spending this year. “The holiday shopping weekend, Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday, topped Forrester's originally estimated growth of 12% and landed somewhere upwards of 16% from last y…

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  • Retail Doesn’t Deserve the Bad Rap

    It seems retail might be the Joan Jett of commercial real estate and we all know what she had to say about her reputation. The gulf between media reports and reality is rather substantial when it comes to the retail sector.

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  • Don’t Worry, Retail Is Gonna Be Alright

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update Contrary to the rumors, the retail sector isn’t being ruined by e-commerce. In Q2 2017, vacancy increased only slightly from 9.9% to 10.0% for neighborhood and community centers and this increase is attributable to new c…

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  • Concern for Retail is Overstated

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update For the retail sector in 2017, the adage “the more things change, the more they stay the same” rings true. In the first quarter, the retail vacancy rate of 9.9% remains unchanged from Q1 2016 for neighborhood and communi…

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  • Certain Metros Fare Well in Retail Recovery to End 2016

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update The retail recovery has been so fragmented that it’s almost impossible to use the big picture to tell the story. To really tell the story, you should look at the individual metros over all of 2016, not just Q4. Nationall…

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  • Retail Recovery Reveals New Trends

    Q3 2016 U.S. Market Update Over the past two years, we have seen many trends cropping up for the retail sector’s current recovery. Chief among them, the disparity between malls and neighborhood and community centers. And within the mall subsector, a d…

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  • Retail: A Whole New Game

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update With the retail sector, we need to accept that this recovery isn’t going to look like recoveries past since not only have the rules of retail changed, the whole game has changed. “With the rise of e-commerce and relat…

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