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  • Office Market Insights and Opportunities

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  • Office Rent Growth Steals the Show

    This office recovery/expansion has been slow and steady, albeit unique. As referenced in previous Bull Realty Market Update Blogs, muted rent growth despite nationwide job growth has been the case. No more! The first half of 2018 experienced the healt…

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  • Office Market Maintains Its Balance

    Nationally, the office expansion remains balanced due to a healthy job market and rent growth performance for certain metros. “The gap between office markets that are thriving and those that are not widened in the quarter as 41 metros saw an increase in …

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  • Office Rents & Employment Grow, Vacancy Remains Steady

    At year-end 2017, the office sector kept the slow but steady pace for which this expansion is notorious. The quarterly numbers were especially “lackluster” but “noteworthy,” according to REIS’ Q4 2017 Preliminary Office Trends report since “…the fourth q…

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  • Why This Office Expansion is Unique

    One thing is certain for the office sector: this expansion doesn’t look like the others. “Consistently low office rent growth” may be correlated with the “persistently low national inflation rate,” according to REIS’ Q3 2017 Office Trends report. The reas

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  • Financial Benefits of WELL Certification for Your Real Estate

    Scott Muldavin, President at The Muldavin Company, and 2017 Chair of the Counselors of Real Estate, recently joined host Michael Bull on America's Commercial Real Estate Show to discuss the importance of wellness for your space, the seven concepts of the…

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  • Office Expansion Going at Same Slow Pace as Recovery, While Metros Show Strength

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update The current expansion is now seven quarters longer than the previous expansion, according to REIS’ Q2 2017 Office Trends report.  It’s not that there’s nothing to report, it’s just more of what REIS calls the same “lackl…

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  • Office Occupancy? Going Up.

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update While we can’t expect anything too dramatic from the office sector, we are steadily moving from the recovery into the expansion. Overall occupancy expanded in the first quarter, continuing a growth trend. In the first…

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  • Office: Q4 Demand Strongest to End 2016

    U.S. AND ATLANTA MARKET UPDATE We made it through the election year! Politics aside, the results of the election have garnered positive indicators. “Both the economy and the labor market have picked up considerably since the first quarter and confiden…

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  • Office Market Shows Long-term Potential

    Q3 2016 U.S. and Atlanta Market Update Like a promising high-school football recruit, the office market simply hasn’t reached its full potential during this recovery “season.” Nationally, Q3 2016 performance was a little lackluster. However, in the lo…

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