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  • Retail Recovery Reveals New Trends

    Q3 2016 U.S. Market Update Over the past two years, we have seen many trends cropping up for the retail sector’s current recovery. Chief among them, the disparity between malls and neighborhood and community centers. And within the mall subsector, a d…

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  • How Can A Single Tenant Buyer Stand Out?

    Ask Nancy QUESTION: Nancy, "With so many buyers vying for quality single tenant properties, what advice do you have so that I can be put at the top of the list over other buyers?" - Rich in Brooklyn, NY ANSWER:  Rich, That is a great qu…

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  • Office Market Shows Long-term Potential

    Q3 2016 U.S. and Atlanta Market Update Like a promising high-school football recruit, the office market simply hasn’t reached its full potential during this recovery “season.” Nationally, Q3 2016 performance was a little lackluster. However, in the lo…

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  • Multifamily Q3 2016: Developers Stop Sprinting

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update It seems developers are finally reacting to the high volumes of construction we’ve been seeing for multifamily. Over the last 12 months, the total number of units completed was 193,660, which is a decline from Q2’s 12-mo…

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  • Important Flexible Lease Clauses for Your Business

    Michael Bull, CCIM

    On a recent episode of The Commercial Real Estate Show, I discussed “How Real Estate Decisions Impact Your Business.” If you own, operate or lead a company, there are certain real estate strategies that will add considerable value to your business. As…

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  • Too Cool for School

    Industrial Market Update Q2 2016 With steady demand and declining vacancy, the U.S. industrial market is seemingly immune to any type of global uncertainty. The industrial sector is like the cool kid on the block who doesn’t care what other people thi…

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  • Multifamily Still 1st for Development

    Land & Development Q2 2016 U.S. and Atlanta Market Update Except for multifamily, construction levels are still low. Some developers are experiencing historically less exuberance from lenders for new projects. “During the first 6 months of this yea…

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  • Retail: A Whole New Game

    U.S. and Atlanta Market Update With the retail sector, we need to accept that this recovery isn’t going to look like recoveries past since not only have the rules of retail changed, the whole game has changed. “With the rise of e-commerce and relat…

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  • Office Race to Recovery is Tough to Call

    U.S. and Atlanta Office Market Update Q2 2016 At the end of Q2, the race to recovery for the U.S. office market is hard to call. With uncertainty about the job market and some surprise conversion, the Q2 numbers aren’t exactly the best indicator for w…

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  • Multifamily: Keep an Eye on the Horizon

    U.S. and Atlanta Multifamily Market Update Q2 2016 Nationally, vacancy is trending up slightly and rent growth is slowing, while new construction shows no signs of stopping. The multifamily market is like a perfect day at the beach. Even with a few cl…

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