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  • Officially High Tide for Industrial

    Michael Bull, CCIM

    On a recent Commercial Real Estate Show, I spoke with Ryan Severino, Senior Economist at REIS, as well as Mitch Roschelle and Amy Olson of PwC. We discussed forecast on rents, occupancy, construction, demand, cap rates, impact of rising interest rates, a…

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  • Q3 Development Report

    Construction spending during August 2015 was estimated at an annual rate of $1,086.2 billion according to the U.S. Department of Commerce. This figure is 13.7% above the August 2014 estimate. Construction spending in the first 8 months of 2015 totals $68…

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  • The Lure of a Sale-Leaseback Transaction

    Many business leaders are looking at the current economy and market conditions and realizing that this is a good time to consider a sale-leaseback transaction. While companies do sale-leasebacks in all types of market conditions, the current high dema…

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  • Impact of Rising Interest Rates

    Interest rates have a huge bearing on real estate values. If you’ve been active in the real estate market over the last several years, you’ve watched interest rates fall as low as 3%. Essentially, as interest rates drop, a person can take on a higher mor…

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  • The Dollar Store “Beauty Contest" is over and

    For several months Dollar General and Dollar Tree have been vying to buy Family Dollar, the 2nd largest small box retailer with over 8,000 stores.  This contentious “beauty contest” will go in favor of Dollar Tree, after Family Dollar shareholders approv…

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