Limited Partnerships Offering Preferred Returns

Pooling Cash In This Cycle

What an incredible time to invest in commercial real estate. This cycle is providing some of the best investment opportunities I have seen in my life time. Limited partnerships offer you the ability to pool cash to get into key real estate investments at an opportune time. Bull Realty is working with several investment funds acquiring notes and properties that provide excellent returns.

We can introduce you to opportunities to invest capital into some of these distressed property acquisition funds. By pooling your money with other limited partners you have more power and better investment choices in this cycle. The pooling of cash with the right general partner can be a lucrative strategy right now. Cash is king, and cash buyers with the connections, knowledge and fortitude to close quickly are getting some great deals.

Another benefit of these limited partnerships is that you have an experienced general partner managing the investment.  You benefit from the general partners time and expertise. The general partner has your return foremost in their plan, since they do not obtain their return until after you receive your preferred return. Check the fund paperwork for the details.

These investment vehicles provide the limited partners a preferred return ranging anywhere from 7% to 10% of the first dollars depending on the property types and the particular fund. These opportunistic funds may provide very high returns by pooling cash and buying in this cycle, possibly well above the preferred returns. Some funds expecting annual returns for their investors from 12% to 25% and more.

If you are considering equity investments of a $100,000 or more, and you would like to consider if a limited partnership investment is right for you, contact Michael Bull CCIM, at 404-876-1640 x101.


Also see some Single Tenant Net Leased Properties. These properties for the most part require no management or operating costs by the owner. The leases are long term and the tenant pays for and handles all property maintenance and operating costs. At the link, just scroll down until you come to price ranges and tenants you desire.

Also see Mortgage Based Investments. These investments require none of your involvement after they are set up and the return is secured by a mortgage.

Also see Clifton Funds, a limited partnership fund you may be able to invest with in this cycle.