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        In this cycle, the laws of supply and demand are definitely affecting asset value. Lenders and other sellers have found that if you can adjust supply and demand to your benefit, you can better maximize asset value.

       While supply can’t be controlled, demand can absolutely be increased. Seventy-four lenders and servicers have found Bull Realty's proven marketing platform to be the ultimate source for maximizing value.

        You're invited to contact Bull Realty for a presentation and recent examples of how the firm is producing astonishing results in this cycle, but briefly, this proven platform can be introduced under three main categories. They are all engaged simultaneously, while the property is new to the market.

1) Bull Realty’s brokers and research department present properties directly to thousands of targeted users, institutional and private fund investors. The firm’s established relationships and extensive databases provide effective presentation directly to multiple databases of established and new buyers in the market. 

2) While brokers present properties directly through relationship and database marketing, Bull Realty's marketing team utilizes industry-leading technology to reach buyers (and agents) locally, nationally and abroad. These systems produce incredible exposure through BullRealty.com, as well as more than two hundred internet sites, a dozen marketing systems, and advertising on the best proprietary e-marketing systems in the business.

3) Bull Realty offers enticing commissions to the entire local, national and international brokerage community! The technology-generated exposure combined with motivating thousands of brokers to utilize their database and relationships to sell the property dramatically increases demand. 

      This extensive marketing exposure combined with full co-operation compresses marketing time while maximizing asset value. Bull's aggressive and proactive marketing to the entire marketplace fueled by compensation to all agents provides an incredibly large pool of buyers. It creates more demand. Offers are guaranteed, reporting is guaranteed, and the results speak for themselves.

      There are numerous current examples including Bull Realty’s recent closing of a 37% occupied 34,375 sq ft retail center in Alpharetta, Georgia. The property sold at a price in excess of $100 per sq ft. The sale was all cash and closed within 14 days of contract. The property sold at half a million dollars over the BOV.

     Bull Realty recently closed a 60,000 sq ft office building that had been on the market for eighteen months with two large traditional commercial real estate firms. They produced one unacceptable offer. At the same list price, Bull Realty marketing brought in seven offers in five weeks and the property sold for close to the full list price of $8 million. The building was sold to a user from Seoul, Korea! They found the property on BullRealty.com.

     Recently the FDIC and a consortium of 60 banks were told by a large national brokerage firm that it would take three years to sell a 5,690 acre development tract in Arizona. The lead bank offered this reason for choosing Bull Realty was chosen to market the property: "We felt the property needed more national exposure than the national firms would provide." And they were right. In the first eight weeks alone, Bull's marketing produced 12 all-cash offers from buyers all over North America. The property was sold in two tracts and finalized in 2010 for $36 million, which was $7 million over the foreclosed price!

      When it comes to maximizing asset value in this cycle, it's about supply and demand. Supply can’t be controlled; however, demand can absolutely be increased.


      Special servicers and asset managers are charged with moving assets while maximizing value. Selling assets to a small audience of direct contacts or utilizing old-school marketing models diminishes asset value in this cycle. 

      The exposure, reporting and proven results of Bull Realty’s marketing platform are guaranteed to make you look good and maximize asset value.

      Contact Bull Realty for marketing services, or for any of our professional special asset services.

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