Tenant/User Services

Corporate Industrial Services provides companies using industrial space with professional tenant advisory representation, acquisition, and recapitalization services.

Regardless if your company is seeking to optimize facility usage, reduce occupancy cost, or recapitalize it’s industrial real estate we can help maximize the value of the endeavor.

Providing professional tenant advisory and expertise enables industrial building users to optimize their occupancy situation and reduce their occupancy cost. Corporate Industrial Services helps tenants and users find the most suitable and functional industrial space for their needs or we can facilitate the design build process to construct a building to suit a user’s needs. We work with industrial tenants and users that are considering expanding or contracting space needs, relocating, renewing a lease, or buying a building to occupy and operate their business.

Tenants or users that are interested in purchasing an industrial facility can leverage Corporate Industrial Services extensive real estate acquisition expertise. We maintain comprehensive real estate databases and a wide array of contacts with landlords, owners, economic developers, contractors, and other industrial real estate tenants and users. We can help you find and acquire a suitable industrial property to purchase. Additionally if you are currently a tenant considering purchasing the building from your landlord, we can represent your best interest negotiating a favorable transaction.

Recapitalization is essentially the monetization of current industrial real estate holdings. Recapitalization can occur through the disposition of excess industrial real estate assets, facility consolidation, or sale/leaseback transactions. Recapitalization increases working capital and removes real estate exposure risks from the company balance sheet allowing business owners to have a smooth exit strategy when a business ownership change is required. Corporate Industrial Services has experience in executing these types of transactions which can add tremendous value to companies. Additionally, we are constantly in contact with buyers who prefer and specifically request these types of industrial real estate opportunities.