Landlord Services

Industrial facility and building asset value is maximized by securing users, tenants, and buyers that best suit vacant and available space. Those types of users and tenants are historically found to likely have a location within proximity of the underutilized asset and vacancy. Often the new tenant, user, or buyer is a company that has a smaller presence currently in the immediate area of the vacancy and needs to relocate additional operations to that same immediate market where a presence already exists.

Tenant and user market segmentation is important for marketing vacant corporate industrial properties and maximizing returns and value. Many commercial real estate companies are ineffective at implementing this important component for marketing assignments they are given. Prior to 2008, the basics of marketing to other brokers, putting up an availability sign, and loading up the commercial real estate databases was adequate to get spaces leased and sold so most firms spoke about market segmentation but never properly implemented.

A customized list of companies, pulled together and assembled from several very reliable company and real estate databases is what is needed to properly market surplus and vacant corporate industrial assets. Asset value and return is maximized when the ideal user is identified and is placed in the right space.

Traditional personal database marketing is still essential and important for surplus property, investment sale, and leasing assignments. Even with market segmentation marketing direct to the user, odds are that the user, tenant, and/or buyer will have brokerage representation. In all Bull Realty marketing programs, cooperating brokers are expected and courted in addition to implementing user market segmentation as users might likely call their brokers to tell them to call us, the asset representative.

Users and tenants can be categorized in a number of ways including: square footage used/leased, industry class or SIC code, employee size, type building used, zip code, street address, lease expiration date, public/private ownership, annual sales, etc. Targeting space and buildings to the most logical users, tenants, and buyers maximizes asset value and reduces marketing time. Users appreciate the merits of the asset and therefore are more willing to pay for what they are receiving.

Bull Realty amalgamates and customizes market segmentation lists so that marketing information can be readily distributed directly to existing space and facility users via fully compliant CAN-SPAM Act e-mail marketing directly to top decision makers on-site, via traditional U.S. Mail, direct phone calls, and hand delivery of information on the asset to prospective users within proximity to the vacancy.

In addition, all Bull Realty marketing assignments are exposed to 250 web sites, 14 marketing systems, and 7 e-mail blasts. The properties are featured on the portal that experiences over 70,000 hits per day.

A wide net is cast with direct market segmentation working in tandem with Bull Realty’s powerful marketing platform so that asset value and returns are maximized.